Try before you Hire

Why shouldn’t I just hire a channel person?

The concept of Channel as a Service is that you can try before you hire to provide the data that will validate your decision to invest headcount into a channel program.

So why don’t I just hire that person and get started?


CaaS demonstrates the internal resources required to build a program and what will be needed to maintain it moving forward.

Headcount Costs

If starting from no indirect model an organisation brings in a channel person at Director level with an average salary of £150K OTE with a guarantee for 6 months.


Its easy to approve and validate a direct sales person hire as the company has hit the threshold of its sales team and needs to add extra heads to grow, indirect is unproven and carries risk so gaining approval without validation is a challenge.


How will this help me ?


Training the direct sales team about how the channel can assist them to open up new opportunities but also expanding out their service offering.  


Reviewing the resources/materials available to train the channel will make you more aware of your direct sales force training capabilities and onboarding new staff process.


Extend your logo accounts by working with channel partners who can take you into new geographies or who have access to clients that you can build no relationship with short term

So go on convince me…


Why would you not invest a small amount to research and test the market? Do you enter a new territory without data to validate it?


You will have a framework that a new hire can work with and adapt to their style but also some valid conversations with partners already.


Costs and ongoing resources will be already in a budget, rather than adding them post hire and having to gain approval.


You will have a hiring requirement defined and more clarity on the type of person needed.


One partner could bring in it’s first lead that would pay for the program entirely.


Shows the market you are a serious player but also do you have direct sales that understand the cultures in all territories.


Certain sectors only purchase their contracts through validated partners. (Government especially)


Extend your resources for services contracts not only with new clients but existing, can you send people on site in new territories.

Note – still not convinced, then jump on a 22-minute call to discuss how we can help and work with you build an indirect program that is successful and proven before you hire.

“Try before you hire”