Are you looking to grow your revenue stream through indirect sales but want to “try before you hire”? We accelerate SaaS sales growth through every stage of the channel life-cycle: development, management, engagement, and optimization.

Our Services

We have a rare set of skills that can assist in building a channel program within your SaaS business to develop new revenue streams, outsource your service requirements, reduce your headcount requirements and enable you to focus on the business.


Building a channel partner program can ignite your sales efforts and drive substantial revenue growth, the challenge is ensuring you have the right balance of quality and quantity, We will have an initial discovery call to define expectations and make certain you are ready.


We’ll manage every single aspect of your partnership. We’ll source, secure and maintain the relationship between the reseller and your organisation, before developing a full and comprehensive system that will help you to get your product sold through a channel.

Channel profile

In order to grow as a company, you need to be in a good market with a product that can satisfy the masses. This involves creating a viable product that addresses a problem by providing a solution. This is the same for your channel partner they have to meet a profile requirement to be succesful.

Go to market

 We’ll research your potential partners, build a go to market plan that works for them whilst outlining goals that need to be achieved with each partner. By working with your sales team and the partner we will train you to own the partner engagement and make certain the leads keep flowing. 

Settle for more

Do you need to add revenue to your SaaS business? Can you not gain access to larger accounts? Maybe you have outgrown your existing lead generation model or you want to delve into the world of channel. We can assist you by outsourcing the management of your present channel program or build one for you.

What iS Channel

channel partner is a person or organization that provides services or sells products on behalf of a software, hardware, networking or cloud services vendor. We’ll take care of it all by creating customised and personalised program that will ultimately increase your new business leads.


A lot of people don’t have time to deal with every aspect of the organisation. This often means that areas get neglected over time and efficiency drops to an all-time-low. We’ll take care of your channel program creation, ongoing management and recruitment.

Sales Team training

Your sales team ultimately determine how much profit you make, how other people respond to your marketing techniques and even how you achieve the goals that you have set out for your company. We can train your team to work in a co sell model with channel partners to reduce overhead costs but keep the lead generation engine going.

Plan for a better Future

Success doesn’t come overnight, but it’s possible to build a program that will set the groundwork for future revenue before you invest fully in a headcount dedicated to channel.  We believe that with our help, your future revenue streams and services business will grow and open up new markets for you.


90% Increase


50% Increase IN Sales

Our Specialties

  • Channel development
  • Channel ENGAGEMENT

Our specialities lie with automating as much of the channel programme to enable your sales teams to focus on new pre qualified leads, development of training and co-sell environments, channel marketing, recruitment and ongoing partner engagement. 

The Numbers

How have we helped.

Revenue generated (ARR)

Channel Partners Trained

Business Worked with

Outsourced Savings


Why Do I Need channel

If you’re a company who has a turnover of 500K a year, but want to accelerate your revenue growth then you need to invest in our team. We can give you all of the advice you need when it comes building your own channel and essentially take your company growth and success to new levels.

What Services Do You Offer?

We can offer you a channel program as a service, we will discuss this with you on a free call to see if this would suit your business, then build a custom package to suit your channel program needs. We will provide you with all the resources to get a program up and running within a short period of time.

Do you Only Offer Advice?

Not at all. We don’t just sit behind a desk and type out a list of things to do. We are very hands-on and we are continually doing everything we can to help those we work with. We’ll essentially be a member of your team, integrating our services with yours so you can utilise our experience to the highest possible level.

Why choose Channel as a Service ?

Being a focused set of individuals we want to show companies how to digitally shift their business, we can provide a service with minimal impact on the day to day operataions, get you started by profiling the partners you need to work with, templates to recruit them and data on who those partners are, its a channel as a service (CaaS)

Our Partners

Who we love to work with (Services or Software)

Stewart is a rare breed indeed. There is not many people I know who are comfortable engaging at all levels of an audience/business (from technical, commercial to C level) and with all sizes of business (from startups to Fortune 500’s) and can hold a quota.

Stewart has worked for two different companies where I was a customer (Sun and Zendesk), and I can honestly say he’s made a big impact in the relationships I had with both of those companies.

Tony Lucas

Founder, Converse.AI

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